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Research: I Can Stalk U website was created in 2010 by Jackson, Pesce, and Mayhemic Labs in order to convey to individuals information that they may be inadvertently be sharing online that they normally would not share because of privacy concerns.

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Research: Strict Privacy Regs for Online Ads Harmful

Castro believes that current legislation on advertising could be detrimental for online businesses. Stricter privacy regulation for online advertising could reduce money that goes toward supporting free content or inexpensive content as well as applications and services. Castro also feels that this could reduce start up funding and the effectiveness of advertising.

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Copyright, Live Performance, and Artistic Business Models

Monday’s post on Filesharing in Underdeveloped Nations: Let’s Take from the Poor and Give to the Rich linked to the interesting work that Alec van Gelder & Mark Schultz have done on the development of Nashville as a country music center and the lessons of that experience for the less-developed nations of Africa and Latin America.
Schultz wrote another article in 2009, titled Live Performance, Copyright, and the Future of the Music Business, in the University of Richmond Law Review, which addressed the assertion oft-made by free culturists that artists do …

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Digital Society calls on Free Press to stop misrepresenting the IETF

Free Press is calling on AT&T to retract their letter claiming that the IETF standards envisioned fee based network prioritized networks.

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Australia Backs National Broadband Network

A 2-week deadlock to decide who was running the show down in Australia ended today. One of the big issues on the table was what to do with the National Broadband Network, the $43 billion project that I discussed here last week.

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Research: Tort Liability For Software Developers

Liability for accidents should generally be levied against all those who create risk factors. And Phoenix Center examines if this is also the case with software developers. They determined that there are two types of software, an intrinsic variety and an extrinsic variety.

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Filesharing in Underdeveloped Nations: Let’s Take from the Poor and Give to the Rich

TechDirt is glorying about a Huge Push In Brazil To Legalize File Sharing. I could understand this argument against copyright if it were cast in the form of saying that the transaction costs are too high, and thus put too much sand in the gears of commerce and sharing. But this is not at all the argument – in fact, the Internet is wringing transaction costs out of the system and rendering concepts such as “fair use” increasingly obsolete.

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Russ Housley versus AT&T on differentiated services

Russ Housley is the Chair of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and he has called out AT&T for what he considers to be misleading comments to the FCC. Housley claims that the IETF never considered fee based network prioritization as AT&T suggests, but that flatly contradicts the explicit language in the IETF DiffServ standard.

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Research: THQ & Electronic Arts Set To Crush Used Game Market

Computer and Video Games reported in May that EA Sports, an arm of Electronic Arts, would begin bundling all sports titles with a one time registration key code to access online play. EA feels that the second hand market is hurting new game sales. In order to deter second hand purchase EA has made the decision to force second hand buyers to pay a $10 fee to access online content.

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Geek Sports Page: The Coming Contest Over Mobile Operating Systems

At Business Insider, Henry Blodgett is at his snarkiest in dismissing Microsoft’s forthcoming Mobile Windows Phone 7 operating system as “a fantasy,” with no chance of making a dent in the market. (And when the mood is on Blodgett, he sets a high standard of snark.) Blodgett’s reasoning is simple: Microsoft will charge $15 per instrument for the OS; Android is free. QED.
Not so fast, Henry, because Microsoft’s entry sets up a fascinating natural experiment in business models, as varying approaches compete with each other, and pre-judging the outcome is …

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