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George Ou moving to High Tech Forum

By 1 April 2011 3 Comments

As of today, April 1 2011, I am leaving Digital Society and moving to
High Tech Forum.

I would like to thank Jon Henke for this great opportunity to work with him and the rest of my Digital Society colleagues including Mike Turk, Nick Brown, James Delong, Brett Swanson, and Steve Effros.  It’s been a great team whose individual and combined intellect I value and I will continue to read their insight.

I also look forward to working with my new colleagues at High Tech Forum who are walking libraries of technical insight.  I enjoyed my time here at Digital Society and hope that my readers will add High Tech Forum to their list of sites to read.


  • James DeLong said:

    George –
    Since YOU are a walking library of technical insight, the fit with HTF. looks excellent. I have enjoyed your digital company, and I am happy that I will continue to learn from your work.
    Best of luck,
    Jim DeLong

  • Jon Henke said:

    Likewise, George, thank you. It was a privilege to work with you and to learn from you. Good luck!

  • George Ou (author) said:

    Thanks James,

    I’ll keep following your work.