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Tawkon iPhone app shows the benefit of living near cell towers

By 29 March 2011 No Comment

A company trying to sell products by scaring the public isn’t anything new, but this time there is the possibility of something good that may come of it.  Tawkon has released an unauthorized “radiation” application for jailbroken iPhones.  I’ve spent much time debunking the use of the term “radiation” in the context of wireless radio communications, but this application essentially reads radio transmit power and then assigns some arbitrary “danger level” value on a fancy looking meter.

The good news is that an application like this might bring some sense to people about the benefits of close proximity to cell towers.  People might realize that the closer they are to a cell tower, the weaker their cell phone transmits at.  And because cell phones are around a million times stronger to the person using it than a cell tower, anyone who wants to ignore the overwhelming scientific data that there are no measurable risk to cell phones usage and wants lower radio exposer will need to live near a cell tower.

So does this mean that living far from a cell tower or living in a shielded building is harmful because the cell phone must operate at peak transmit levels?  No, because peak transmit levels are already restricted by the FCC to safe levels.  That means the worst case reading from the Tawkon app simply means the phone is operating at the peak allowable SAR levels.  If it really scares a person that much, they should use a wired or Bluetooth headset.

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