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Intel launches 25 nanometer era with new SSDs

By 28 March 2011 No Comment

Intel launched their new 320 series line of Solid State Storage (SSD) 2.5 inch drives built on the latest 25 nanometer (nm) manufacturing process (Intel Press Release).  The new SSD drives bring double the capacity, double the sequential write speeds to 220 megabytes per second (MB/sec), and lower prices per GB.

Note that the sequential capacity measured in MB/sec is frequently confused with the broadband metric of megabits per second (Mbps).  1 MB/sec is 8 Mbps so these SSDs have sequential write speeds of 1760 Mbps.  Furthermore, the real benefit of SSD drives is the random read and write speeds where data has to be retrieved from different parts of the storage device.  Each of these SSD drives have the equivalent random speed of hundreds or thousands of conventional mechanical hard drives with rotating disks.

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