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Gamestop Rolls On In Down Economy

By 28 March 2011 No Comment

GameStop, the video game retailer, has recently released their fiscal year 2010 report and business is a boomin’!  The company announced a record sales year in the neighborhood of $9.47 billion.

Profits increased to $237.8 million during the fiscal year.  GameStop is looking to close 200 stores in areas that are over lapping, but also intends to use information from their “PowerUp Rewards” program to open 200 new stores in unserved areas.

The company also plans to begin opening larger brick and mortar locations that will be able to house kiosks allowing consumers to purchase digital goods from within the store.  Goods can also be tied into various promotions to attract individuals into the store for either physical purchases or virtual purchases through these kiosks.

GameStop is a sign of one more business that plays a role in the digital economy that is proving that it can remain healthy in the down economy.

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