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You’ve Got Digital Society Mail!

By 20 January 2011 No Comment

We’ve been testing a mail client for a few weeks now, and everything looks to be in working order so we are announcing it publicly.  We know that some of you prefer to get a daily wrap up style email instead of using RSS feeds or coming to the site directly.  So we are giving you one more way to receive DS content!

Down a bit on the right hand side column you should see the following email list application:

Just enter your preferred email and hit Subscribe.  You will then receive a confirmation email, and after following the link in the confirmation email you will begin to receive our Digital Society Daily Digest email nightly at around 11pm EST.

The email will list the days new posted articles along with links that will take you directly to any of the stories you would care to read.  If you have a Digital Society account that you have created to post comments from, you can turn the daily digest email on or off in your User Profile.

Daily digest email recipients can also chose to unsubscribe if they desire via a link in the daily digest email.

If any problems arise, you can simply drop me a line at nick.brown at digitalsociety dot org.

And remember, email addresses are used solely for the purpose of the daily digest email and will never be used for any solicitation purposes.

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