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State of the Apple Address

By 14 January 2011 5 Comments

GigaOm has posted this image of some very interesting info regarding Apple’s App store.  Certainly shows the digital economy at work!  Note that if the monthly December trend continues that Apple is generating $3 billion a year from the app store!


  • Michael Baumli said:

    While 30% sounds fairly unreasonable for a chunk of the profits, this is also something to take in consideration for the smaller app developers and how much they would spend trying to setup and secure their own app store. For them, this is a godsend. For the larger IT shops that spend a far lower percentage of their time or already have an infrastructure in place to release apps, this would be a curse.

    Then again, I personally think if you already have an established method of releasing Apps, why would you force yourself to endure the Apple App store?

    I highly doubt that Microsoft will ever use Apple to release Microsoft Office through the App store.

  • Jim Utley said:

    I don’t understand your $6 billion a year number. $250 million times 12 months is $3 billion, isn’t it?

  • Michael Baumli said:

    Jim Utley, I calculated the same thing. My only thoughts is that they are taking in acount 100% growth for this year. Being that they are adding the Mac App store which will clearly move a lower volume, but at the same time push far more volume.

  • Nick R Brown (author) said:

    I just had a dyslexic math moment. Edited. Carry on, nothing to see here. ;)