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Research: The myth of “real” Net Neutrality

By 17 December 2010 No Comment

They myth of ‘real’ net neutrality
Manolo Espinosa
The Hill

Espinosa, an Internet entrepreneur discusses a recent meeting with FCC Commissionaire Julius Genachowski and a number of other Silicon Valley entrepreneurs to discuss the Net Neutrality debate.  Espinosa discusses how he and others in the technology sector that support the open Internet but would like to see light touch regulation were pleased with the latest proposal from the FCC.

However, Espinosa was surprised to find that he and his colleagues that are supporting the plan are apparently supporting “fake” Net Neutrality.  He notes that there is a clear distinction between those making this claim and the side in support, saying, “On the pro side stand individuals like the FCC Chairman himself, who have successfully built businesses and managed payrolls. On the other side stand largely a group of Washington organizations that have made a brisk business out of playing “kick the can” with this issue.”

The author goes on to discuss the need for a stabilization of the industry.  And with the threat of heavy handed regulation subsided, innovators can get back to innovating, and investors can get back to investing.

You can find the full article here.

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