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Research: Net Neutrality from Franken to Farber & Faulhaber

By 21 December 2010 No Comment

Today is a different day.  Today is the day the hammer of regulation is expected to drop on the Internet for the very first time.  In light of that I felt it was best to offer a somewhat different research post today.  Presented below are various sound offs about what to expect with the anticipated Network Neutrality regulation from the Federal Communications Commission from Franken to Farber & Faulhaber.

The Most Important Free Speech Issue of Our Time – Al Franken
Senator Al Franken presents the case that the vote for Internet regulation by the FCC is a vote for “free speech”.  This is a different take on the issue.  Generally the free speech argument is made by individuals that do not want the government having control over content.  For instance, it is unlikely that you would find a representative of the movie or music industry promoting regulation over the industry in order to provide greater freedom of speech and expression in those arts.  However this argument is made by Franken because of an idea he promotes in which ISPs would cut off access to content “for any reason.”  No alternative analysis of the potential of government cutting off access to content is considered in the examination of regulatory policy by Franken.

What Happens After We Have ‘Net Neutrality’? – Mike Riggs
Author Mike Riggs discusses his predictions for what will occur today during the FCC vote.  He quips that in the end no one will be happy and predicts that the debate will simply move to a new venue.

It’s Here: FCC Adopts Net Neutrality (lite) – Matthew Lasar
Matthew Lasar reports on the expected regulation from the FCC and notes that it is not what most NN supporters desired.  He points out that most supporters and disapointed and are unsure how the regulation will be enforced.  He quotes Media Access Project and Harold Feld of Public Knowledge.

Red Tape Under the Tree: FCC Plans Internet Regulation for Christmas – James Gattuso
Gattuso discusses the issue from a full spectrum approach.  The article is a good one to pass along to those who are less familiar with the issue.  Gattuso discusses everything from “what is it” to legal authority, rejected legislation, and lack of enforcement.

Net Neutrality: A Christmas Gift for Washington Lawyers & Lobbyists – Adam Thierer
Thierer makes the argument that the only ones that will be satisfied with the outcome of today’s FCC vote are the lobbyists and lawyers.  The first of which who essentially did their jobs on either side (pro side getting something passed and anti side preventing more drastic elements) and the lawyers who will soon be fighting the issue out in court.

Net Neutrality: No One Will Be Satisfied, Everyone Will Complain – David J. Farber & Gerald R. Faulhaber
A slightly more technical article, Farber and Faulhaber discuss the expected outcome of regulation on managed services, usage-based pricing, paid priority, jurisdiction, content delivery networks, and the kitchen sink.  For lack of a in depth explanation, you can rightly assume the two are not happy with the new regulation.

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