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Research: Digital Society’s Top 10 Posts of 2010

By 29 December 2010 No Comment

In light of the closing of 2010, it is only appropriate to take a slight look back at 2010 at some of our biggest news maker posts of the year. For your enjoyment and re-perusal, we present Digital Society’s Top 10 Posts of 2010:

1) Apple Faking 489 to 815 PPI on iPhone 4 Ads

2) Level 3 Outbid Akamai on Netflix by Reselling Stolen Bandwidth

3) Online Services Security Report Card

4) Jason Robert Brown Debates Rationalization of Theft

5) A Monstrous Vision For Media Reform

6) Even Forced SSL is Broken for Facebook, Google, Twitter

7) Do You Really Need 300 PPI on a 3.5 Inch Phone?

8) Just Say No To Journalism Subsidies

9) Analysis of BitTorrent uTP Congestion Avoidance

10) Microsoft Promises Fix to Hotmail Security This Month

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