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Free Press Suicide Watch

By 2 December 2010 2 Comments

Essentially because the FCC Net Neutrality proposal is surprisingly fair and seems to stem from compromise from both sides of the debate Free Press has decided the FCC is adopting ‘fake Net Neutrality”.  The campaign has begun with the following video:

Along with a “rally the troops” letter writing campaign (which hopefully for them will get more support than the 20 people that showed up for their Google rally) Tim Karr and Josh Silver have written their nonsensical remarks here and here.

I’m not sure what definition these guys go by for the word “compromise” but in any case they apparently don’t like it.  It appears that for most of the net the proposal seems, at a minimum, fair.  It’s not exactly what anyone wanted.  Generally when policy is not exactly what anyone wanted then that means compromise took place, and it is most likely fair to all parties.

So when a group demonizes “fair” generally it is because they operate from a “my way or the highway” mentality.  Which leads me to believe that nothing short of an entire government takeover of the Internet would have made the folks at SaveTheInternet and Free Press happy. Either that, or they are concerned that now that the issue may be settled their organization will no longer be relevant.


And for that reason, I am officially placing Josh Silver, Tim Karr, and Free Press on suicide watch.