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Research: Video: Who Should Control the Internet?

By 19 November 2010 One Comment

Ideas In Action with Jim Glassman
Net Neutrality: Who Should Control the Internet
Guests: Cecilia Kang – Technology Reporter for the Washington Post,
Craig Aaron – Managing Director of Free Press, &
Mike McCurry – Clinton Press Secretary and consultant for Arts & Labs
Novemeber 18, 2010

Glassman looks at the hotly debated issue of Net Neutrality and asks the pressing questions of what’s going on, where have we been, and where are we headed with the issue.

You can find the source here with links to reference material.

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  • George Ou said:

    Craig Aaron misrepresented Title II saying that broadband was always under Title II. Title II only covered telco wiring and DSL switches at one time, but it never covered Telco Internet service and never covered cable broadband Internet or wiring at any time.

    Craig Aaron claims that specialized services should be illegal because it allows Internet application and Internet service differentiation which he paints with a broad “discrimination” stroke. Yet we have IT differentiation, server differentiation, Internet differentiation via private lease lines or private Internet infrastructure (e.g., Google owns 7% of the Internet), Internet differentiation via content delivery networks.

    With all these gross misunderstandings of how the Internet works, no wonder the Free Press brand of “Net Neutrality” makes absolutely no sense.