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Research Video: Lessig: “[Copyright System will] Never Work On The Internet”

By 8 November 2010 No Comment

Lessig Calls For WIPO To Lead Overhaul of Copyright System
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Kaitlin Mara

Last week Larry Lessig challenged the World Intellectual Property Organization to take the lead in overhauling current copyright law.  Lessig believes the current system has failed at providing both the protection and guidelines for creative professionals, scientific research, and amateurs alike.

“And its failure is not an accident.  It’s implicit in the architecture of copyright as we inherited it.  It does not make sense in a digital environment,” said Lessig

Lessig believes that the code written a hundred years ago was confusing, and that it is even more confusing today and does not work in the modern digital age.  He believes copyright code should be overhauled for the new era we live in.

You can see his interview on the subject below and find the full article here.

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