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Internet Policy Task Force – Internet Inquiry

By 19 November 2010 No Comment

Today is the last day to respond to the Department of Commerce Notice of Inquiry on Copyright Policy, Creativity, and Innovation in the Internet Economy (Oct. 5, 2010), asking for comment on “the challenges of protecting copyrighted works online and the relationship between copyright law and innovation in the Internet economy,” as inputs to a report by the Internet Policy Task Force “that will contribute to the Administration’s domestic policy and international engagement in the area of online copyright protection and innovation.”

The notice is on the open-ended side, and the various stakeholders will undoubtedly toss in reams of data and acres of eloquent pleading, so I simply make a few brief points about four specific arguments that I expect the Free Culture cultists to make.

The submission is here. The arguments addressed (and of course refuted) are:

  • “Copyright creates an artificial scarcity”
  • “People won’t pay for content”
  • “You need to find new business models”
  • “We are in a new culture of sharing”

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