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Wireless: It’s a Tsunami

By 21 September 2010 No Comment

I have two comments —

  • First, that is one hell of an extrapolation from the data points for 2008-2010 – sort of a Kurzeilian Singularity – but maybe the full report, which is non-public, explains the reasoning.
  • Second, “forces investment” is a very passive way of putting it. Investments are made by people and firms who expect to make money from them; they will not occur if investing is the equivalent of painting a target on your back for anyone who can convince a government lawyer that fairness, or net neutrality, or some other abstraction requires that others be allowed to reap the territory that you have sown. So the potential may be there, but without property rights and predictability, the pipes will not.

The irony, of course, is that this level of potential demand creates so many opportunities for entrepreneurs to develop new niches and sell new services that the last thing needed is to slow everything down while regulators seek the Grail of perfect fairness through their favorite method of administrative proceedings.

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