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Australia Backs National Broadband Network

By 8 September 2010 No Comment

A 2-week deadlock to decide who was running the show down in Australia ended today.  One of the big issues on the table was what to do with the National Broadband Network, the $43 billion project that I discussed here last week.

Ars Technica has reported that the Labor Party and the Green Party have pledged their support for the project in the newly formed coalition government.  And additionally stated that they would move forward with payment to Telstra of $11 billion for the majority of the companies network and the removal of copper lines as fiber is laid down.

Now that the NBN is actually happening we will see what influence it may have on our countries legislators with hopes that they may wise up in regards to desires to run fiber lines to the last 5% instead of instituting wireless and satellite options.

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