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HIGHTECHforum Open for Business

By 27 August 2010 2 Comments

Richard Bennett has just created High Tech Forum: Thoughts from the Technology Trenches, because:

Some of the most critical technology and telecommunications policy debates take place without the input of those most knowledgeable about the issues, and most affected by the outcomes.  Hightechforum.org is an open forum where such experts can offer their perspectives and opinions in a robust exchange of ideas.

Richard is up there with my colleague George Ou in the ranks of those who really understand the technological realities of the public policy issues involved in tech and telecom, so I welcome HTF as a valuable educational tool. (I love to free ride on people like Richard and George – thanks, guys.)


  • George Ou said:

    “Richard is up there with my colleague George Ou in the ranks”

    Correction: Richard is even higher in knowledge.

  • Richard Bennett said:

    Y’all are too kind.