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Research: $35 Billion Government Media Take Over

By 14 July 2010 No Comment

The Progress & Freedom Foundation
Progress Snapshot Vol. 6, Issue 12
Adam Thierer
July 2010

Thierer publishes a work looking into the desire of Robert McChesney and Free Press to model the Works Progress Administration of the New Deal in order to fund a government run media agency.

Thierer states that the way this would work is that this new agency would provide:

  • A “News AmeriCorps” for journalist downsized because of failing media publications
  • A way to funnel taxpayer money to failing media companies
  • Expansion of postal subsidies
  • Subsidies for Journalism schools
  • Newspapers would receive corporate welfare checks large enough to pay 50% of “journalistic employees”

Thierer points out that all of this is being promoted on the notion that journalism/media has always been a “public good” and that because of some failing newspapers and magazines that have not adapted successful business models in the age of digital media, the proponents of government intervention claim that all media is failing.

In closing Thierer states that the “most insulting” point may well be the fact that many of the individuals calling for government supported media are the same individuals that promoted burdensome regulation that has prevented successful business models and the ability to rapidly implement new ideas to maintain successful businesses.

You can read the full article here.

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