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There goes my Lala service

By 1 June 2010 2 Comments

As a refreshing alternative to the Apple iTunes store, I had grown quite fond of renting music for 10 cents a pop and owning them for 89 cents at lala.com.  Not only were the prices better, I didn’t have to deal with running iTunes on my computer which was a nonstarter for me because of the amount of bloat and security problems they added to my computer.  Unfortunately, Apple just bought out that company and shut them down and I’m quite upset about that.  Now I’m back to looking for other alternatives other than stealing music over the Internet just because I can.


  • larry seltzer said:

    iTunes on Windows is easily the worst piece of software I run on a normal basis. How does Apple get a reputation for writing good software? Even the UI is unpleasant and complex

  • Nick Brown said:

    Can’t disagree. I constantly have issues with iTunes on Windows hanging up and acting laggy and sometimes just going catatonic for a few minutes. Very annoying.

    Also, I try to purchase my music at Amazon as often as I can remember. If I’m on the go and want something badly, then the iTunes store on the iPhone is obviously very convenient. But if I’m at home I try to get everything off Amazon since they have maintained their $.99 pricing structure. And their software seamlessly slips it into iTunes to sync with my phone.