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Firehose #12:

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Content & Copyright

  • Capitalism Magazine, ‘File-Sharing’: It’s Not Stealing Because I Don’t Want It to Be (April 10): The author thinks that “We, as consumers, should be eager to repay those who produce products and services that bring immense value to our lives.  The people who make our favorite movies and our favorite music are not our slaves or servants. They work to produce those goods and, just like everyone else, they expect and deserve to be paid by those who use their products.  And it is to our benefit to repay these individuals—it is, after all, this payment that motivates and enables them to keep producing those very goods for us to enjoy.”
  • Verizon Public Policy Blog, Verizon Urges FCC to Stop Cablevision’s Illegal Withholding of Regional Sports Programming (June 28): “Under new FCC rules, Verizon . . . asks the commission to require Cablevision and Madison Square Garden, L.P. to sell Verizon access to the high-definition sports feeds of the MSG and MSG+ networks. . . . on nondiscriminatory terms. While Cablevision supplies the high-definition sports programming to itself and certain other providers – including the other cable incumbents – it refuses to provide access to Verizon and its subscribers on any terms.”


The Net

  • Free State Foundation, Not Mao Zedong or a Communist…But a Socialist (June 22):  Randy May looks at Free Press founder Robert McChesney – “There are many on the Left who take umbrage when those who criticize their policies characterize them as “socialist” – they might even huff and puff about McCarthyism. They apparently think the characterization harmful to their cause. Not Robert McChesney. I don’t know whether he would or would not be pleased with being called Mao Zedong or a Communist. But I know he doesn’t shy away from the Socialist label, or from advocating what he calls socialist policies.” Precursor adds: “The disturbing common thread here that deserves much more attention from freedom-loving people everywhere, is the deeply (and scarily successful) anti-free-enterprise, anti-property, anti-individual-freedom efforts by FreePress in promoting a de facto government takeover of both the media and broadband communications infrastructure.“

Cybersecurity & Privacy

Health Care, Medical, Genetics, Agriculture


  • All About Finance, Deals vs Rules: Capturing regulatory burdens (June 22): “The costs of excessive regulatory burdens can stifle incentives for firms to innovate, invest and grow. . . . The first thing to notice is just how much variation there is – within individual countries. There are favored firms for whom it takes a couple of days to obtain permits or clear customs – and disfavored firms, for whom the wait can be weeks or even months. . . . The second thing to notice is that variation in how policies are actually implemented also bears little significant association with how long compliance is supposed to take.”


  • Google Public Policy Blog, An Update on China (June 29): Google figures out how to stay in China.


  • Phoenix Center, The Broadband Credibility Gap (July 8; DC): “The question, therefore, is whether the FCC has the credibility to live up to its [forbearance] promises.” Paper is here.
  • The ninth Supernova Forum 2010: Perestroika (July 30; Philadelphia).  Three key themes: Evolving Digital Infrastructure: Everything is a Platform? / Networked Business Innovation: Models and Vision / Crossing the Abyss: Transforming (or Replacing) Established Institutions.
  • pii2010 (which stands for privacy, identity, innovation), a tech policy summit by the proprietors of Tech Policy Central (Seattle, Aug. 17-19).
  • TheBerkshireForum (Sept. 14-16; Pittsfield, MA):  “ three-day conference promising inspiring ideas and stimulating dialogue led by a remarkable network of business owners, economists, social innovators, technology visionaries, cultural enthusiasts, entrepreneurs and thought leaders.”

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