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By 18 May 2010 No Comment

Connected Planet says: Telcordia pitches dynamic pricing to optimize the network (May 17).

Telcordia this week is showcasing new capabilities that enable operators to use pricing to modify subscriber behavior and reduce their impact on network capacity based on time-of-day or location-based parameters. . . .

Telcordia will demonstrate how the solution encourages network usage during off-peak hours and improves quality of service for high-value subscribers. . . .

There are four benefits for which the solution has been designed:

  • Congestion relief and deferral of capital upgrades by changing demand dynamics.
  • Driving additional usage to underutilized resources.
  • Attracting new customers through creative discounts.
  • Creating stickiness through compelling promotions to instill loyalty in profitable customers.

But, but . . . That is not NEUTRAL! Such creative innovation must be stamped out, lest it increase the efficiency of the Internet and better meet the needs of consumers! Only the FCC is capable of making such determinations!

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