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Understanding Deep Packet Inspection technology

By 27 October 2009 4 Comments

dpi-CopyDigital Society is proud to present a new paper that explains what Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology is and how it works.  The paper is can be downloaded in PDF and DOC format.


In recent debates on the issues of privacy and the Internet, DPI has been grossly oversimplified as a technology that is primarily harmful to consumers.  Much of the commentary has been based on a poor understanding of what DPI is and how DPI works.  All too often the debate over DPI is focused on unrelated issues such as free speech and censorship, which are largely political and not technological issues, and all too often is DPI usage described as a violation of consumer privacy when the reality is far more complex and nuanced.

What has been missing is a broader discussion on the full nature and application of DPI technology; DPI enables a wide range of applications most of which are not only positive but also essential to the survival of the Internet.  This paper will explain how DPI technology works and explore the potential dangers and benefits of DPI technology to consumers and the Internet.